Mobile veterinary technician service offer soon!!

We are in the process of setting up a mobile veterinary technician to better serve you! we will give more details in the next month!

Producer Appreciation day : March 1st 2018

Producer invite 2018 English (full invitation)

You are cordially invited to our customer appreciation luncheon and seminar on March 1st , 2018 at 10:00 a.m. Casselview Golf Club in Casselman. Please call or e-mail the office to confirm your attendance before February 19th 2018.


Boehringer-Ingelheim has some very interesting seminars available for producers and veterinarians. There are some interesting one on Bovikalc, Pain management and cattle disease. Just click on the link to see these webinars. Boeringer-Webinar

Producer meeting 2017

Our annual Producer Day will be on March 9th at the Casselview Golf Club. The subjects that will be covered are “Forage Quality” and “Feeding Your Cows To Win”.


             9:30-10:00: Registration and coffee

        10:00 – 11:15: Conference

          11:15 – 11:30: Coffee break

         11:30 – 12:30: Conference

           12:30 Lunch and chat time


If you have not yet confirmed that you are going, please call 613-443-5489 or email us at


Pro-Action: Training dates

ProAction Training date January 2017 to March 2017 at our office in Casselman (100 boulevard Laflèche)

January 25th (French): 13h00-16h00

February 1st (English): 13h00-16h00

February 8th (French): 13h00-16h00

February 15th (French): 13h00-16h00

February 22nd (English): 13h00-16h00

March 1st (French): 13h00-16h00

March 8th (French): 13h00-16h00

March 22nd (English): 13h00-16h00

March 29th (French): 13h00-16h00