New tool to determine colostrum’s quality!

A new tool is now available that can measure the quality of colostrum within seconds! The Brix Refractometer is actually designed to measure the amount of sugar in maple syrup…. but it is also very accurate in determining the quality of colostrum. This Brix refractometer is also very cheap and easy to use. Using only one drop of colostrum with this instrument, you will obtain an immediate reading on the colostrum’s worth and know whether to supplement the newborns first feeding or not. To find out more…

Winter dysentery… in the spring!

We have recently been seeing many cases of diarrhea. Cows of any age and at any stage of lactation may be affected. The warmer temperatures that we have been seeing lately have been perfect for the incubation of the virus responsible for winter dysentery. The progression of this malady can bring about lost production and other secondary diseases and should be closely monitored.