Dr. Marc Levesque

marcDr. Marc Levesque graduated in biochemistry from Ottawa University in 1990. In 1994, he obtained his DVM from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Montreal. He started his career with Dr. Gilles Gratton right after graduation. Two years later, Dr. Levesque became the owner of Embrun Veterinary Services. He has devoted his career to the dairy industry since 1994. Having devoted his career to the dairy industry since graduation, Dr Levesque is a highly respected veterinarian in this area of expertise. Dr. Levesque is married and has four children.



Dr. Lucie Décoeur

Dr. Lucie Décoeur graduated from St-Hyacinthe Veterinary School in 2008. She had been raised in the city of Glen Robertson, Ontario and always wished to establish her practice in the Eastern Ontario region. Dr. Décoeur joined Embrun Veterinary Services in 2009. Since then, she has demonstrated her knowledge and skills with great success. Partner since 2012 with Drs. Levesque and Dorais, Lucie is well established in the area where she will be practicing for many years to come.


Dr. Steve Dorais

steveDr. Steve Dorais graduated from St-Hyacinthe Veterinary School in 2008 (Yes, in the same class as Dr. Décoeur). After his graduation, he started his practice with the Embrun Veterinary Services where he is now a partner with Drs. Levesque and Décoeur. Dr. Dorais has a particular interest in abdominal surgeries and cattle nutrition, as well as in Herd Health. Married and father of 3 children, Dr. Steve Dorais is well established in the area and will spend his entire career here.



Brenda McDonald

Brenda McDonald started her career with Dr. Marc Levesque in 2000. She works full time in our office at 651 Notre-Dame, Embrun. With all her years of experience with us in the farm animal industry, she has established a strong relationship with our clients. Brenda is devoted to her job and she always gives a high quality service to our clients.


Manon Cousineau

Manon works at the veterinary office at 100 Laflèche Blvd in Casselman. You may recognize her as a familiar face as she worked in Embrun at the Small Animal Clinic from 2005 to 2015. After a brief change of employment, she has returned to us at Embrun Veterinary Services. Her warm and welcoming smile as she greets you is a testament to her years of working in customer service.



Annie Delattre, RVT 

Annie is an Honors Graduate from the Veterinary Technician course given at the Alfred Campus of Boreal College in 2018. She received a scholarship for her interest in Large Animals. Annie was raised on a cash crop farm in the St-Clet area in Quebec and understands well what drives a farmer in their daily chores. Her contagious good humor and high energy make Annie an outstanding member of our team at Embrun Veterinary Services, ready to help you succeed with your farm animal requirements.