The Embrun Veterinary Clinic was founded in 1974 by Dr. Gilles Gratton as a mixed animal practice and was located at 1110 Notre-Dame Street in Embrun, Ontario. The clinic was sold to Dr. Marc Levesque in 1996 and moved to a new building at 651 Notre-Dame Street in December 1999. Dr. Steve Dorais (2008) and Dr. Lucie Decoeur (2009) joined Dr. Levesque’s farm animal veterinarian team. After 5 years together, these 3 veterinarians are now equal partners in what is now known as the Embrun Veterinary Services.

In addition to our office in Embrun, we also have a service center at 100 Laflèche Boulevard in Casselman since 2011. Our two offices offer the same laboratory services, samples shipping and medication pickup point for all our clients.