What Is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the provision of veterinary care in the absence of a hands-on physical exam. We use pictures, videos and detailed patient histories to formulate a tentative diagnosis and make treatment recommendations for your animal. Veterinarians get a lot of information by performing a thorough physical exam of your animal and telemedicine cannot replace a complete physical examination. However, there are some conditions and diseases that your farm animal can suffer that are quite amenable to telemedicine consultations. If you’re not sure just fill in the Telemedicine Request and one of our staff will help you decide if your animal is a good candidate for a telemedicine consultation.

How much does a Telemedicine Consultation Cost?

Telemedicine consultations cost the same as on-farm visit and are scheduled the same way. You do save the farm call fee with Telemedicine.

Who can request a Telemedicine Consultation?

Anybody can request a Telemedicine consultation – our veterinary team will review your request and work with you to decide if your animal is a good candidate.
You must be a resident of Ontario to request our service.

Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider a telemedicine consultation for your animal:

Who is not a good candidate for a Telemedicine Consultation?

If your animal is in pain, not eating or drinking for 24 hours, seems weak, is having difficulty breathing or is in distress in any way they definitely need to be seen by a veterinarian for a complete physical examination. Some of these animals may need emergency care – please call us or an emergency clinic if you are not sure. 613-443-5489

Telemedicine Request

Our staff will contact you once we receive the Telemedicine Request to let you know if your animal is a candidate for a Telemedicine Consultation. Telemedicine Consultations are booked during regular business hours only. Thank you for your interest in our Telemedicine Services.
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Telehealth / Telemedicine Information

Additional Terms, Conditions and Consent

Notes: “The Clinic” refers to one of Animal Care Clinic (651 Notre-Dame st, Embrun, Ontario, K0A 1W1). “My Veterinarian” refers to the veterinarian conducting the remote consultation.

By participating in a remote consultation, or otherwise utilizing any of our telehealth / telemedicine services, you authorize The Clinic to remotely (without in-clinic contact) consult, diagnose, advise and treat your animal.

I, the respondent, being 18 years of age or older, am the owner or agent of the animal described and am authorized to make decisions regarding all aspects of its health care, including authorizing costs for its health care. I hereby give consent to The Clinic to remotely (without in-clinic contact) consult, diagnose, advise and treat my animal. I understand and acknowledge that:

Usage and Help

Apple Safari (iPad): Enable Microphone and Camera

Note that without doing this prior to your telemedicine appointment, you may not be seen or heard by your veterinarian.